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Image showcasing the currently selected solution provided by The Security Agency in a real-life scenario.

Avail yourself of the benefits of a seasoned CISO without the financial burden of employing them full time. Fractional or virtual CISO services provide you the tactical and strategic guidance every business needs, whether you are a small enterprise or a multinational global organization.

Flexibility - depending on your organization's needs, you can have 20 hours per month or 20 hours per week vCISO attention to working on the prioritization of your security gaps, compliance needs or project implementations ensuring control and predictability for your ROI.

Breadth - our vCISOs are experienced in a diversity of industries and business sectors. When you work with The Security Agency, you have access to the breadth of knowledge and experience of all of our vCISOs. Not just one.

Mentoring - as they say on TV shows "This is a teaching hospital..." which in our case translates to mentoring your internal staff on cybersecurity and developing them as stronger and more confident internal resources to protect your organization.

Extensive network - there are literally thousands of 1st degree connections in our vCISO networks, which means that these same experts and contacts become part of your organization's 2nd degree network for references and additional help as needed.

Bridge - because our vCISOs have not only strong hard skills but also essential soft skills, working with your teams delivers a natural "bridge" of the technical and the non-technical, of the strategic viewpoint and tactical viewpoint.

Mindset - it's fairly easy to change your toolset. What takes more effort and time and attention is to change and evolve the company's mindset around cybersecurity and risk management. Our vCISOs are change agents for mindset and toolset.

Steady - if something does happen and a security incident is observered and begins to be worked towards resolution, your vCISO brings a steady hand to the situation with their "been there, done that" knowledge and experience.

These are just some of the myriad of benefits to bringing a vCISO into your organization. Contact us to set up a discussion to explore which type of excutive support is right for your organization.


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