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Image showcasing the currently selected solution provided by The Security Agency in a real-life scenario.

Every organization has vulnerabilities and is exposed to the disruption of their business by cyber attacks. You need to know exactly which exploits can be successfully targeted towards your organization and eliminate or mitigate those risks with a professional penetration test.

TSA offers pen testing for the following scopes:

  • Network

  • Web Application

  • API

  • Wireless

  • Physical

  • Social Engineering

  • IoT

  • Mobile App

  • Red Team

We divide our service offerings into two flavors: annual and continuous. Your typical requirement by regulators (or internal company policy) to perform an external pen test once per year would be "annual unprivileged" (aka black box testing). But there is a lot more risk and exposure with your assets and services than what is captured in a single point-in-time test window.

These are the types of legacy pen testing that we offer:

  • Annual Unprivileged (black box)

  • Annual Semi-privileged (grey box)

  • Annual Internal (white box)

And our advanced pen testing offering includes:

  • Continuous Unprivileged (black box)

  • Continuous Semi-privileged (grey box)

Contact us to set up a discussion for which type of pen testing and scope of engagement is right for your organization.


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