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Image showcasing the currently selected solution provided by The Security Agency in a real-life scenario.

Identity is the new perimeter. These days, threat actors simply purchase login credentials on the dark web. Our experts work with you to improve your existing authentication solutions and achieve phish-proof MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and SSO (Single-Sign On).

While we categorize this area of The Security Agency services as "Identity & Access Management" (IAM) there are a lot more elements to what we can deliver than just SSO+MFA. Our approach to solving the problem of identity includes:

Password Vault - if you do not maintain a credential store for human and machine-generated secrets, tokens and passwords then you're really missing the boat on an easy "win win" that makes life easier for your users and security stronger for your business.

Deception Program - sprinkled amongst your real passwords and tokens should be a few canary tokens, honey pots and trip wires so that you can have an "early warning capability" for when accounts are prodded, probed and compromised.

Threat Intelligence - how many of your employees, contractors and consultants are returned from a search on ? How many of those dark web breach datasets contain a secret or password that is one or two digits/characters off from their company password?

Passwordless - mitigating 90% of phishing attacks and business email compromise can be achieved by using MFA as reported by CISA and other organizations who get to see the path the attackers took when breaching a company's security. But even MFA is no silver bullet and it too can be bypassed, so we like to find powerful ways to protect your organization by introducing passwordless authentication techniques and technologies.

All of the above can be implemented using a number of open source as well as commercial solutions. We know this because we have deployed all of the major solutions for large enterprises as well as small businesses.

And all of the above can be implemented poorly, leaving your organization open to disruption, extortion and even existential threat events. Contact us to set up a discussion about assessing your current IAM posture and deciding how best to "step it up" and get to a place of observability and control over your secrets, tokens and passwords.


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