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Wednesday, February 28, 2024


Mike Wilkes, Director of Cyber Operations


9:00am pacific / 12:00pm eastern

Join us for our third installment in a new series entitled “vCISO Office Hours” as we feel “Kind of Blue” (Miles Davis’ 1959 album regarded as one of the best jazz albums of all time) with an “ask me anything” format for engaging with fellow cybersecurity professionals but also intended for “cyber curious” executives who want to become more familiar with the world of information security and improve their ability to provide modern governance to support their security teams.

Red teams are tasked with attacking and blue teams are responsible for defending. Some red team members make excellent defenders and some blue team members are quite good at finding vulnerabilities to exploit. This fact has given rise to the concept of “purple teaming” in information security and might be just what your team needs to focus on if there are not enough individuals to split into discrete red and blue teams for your pen testing exercises. Our virtual Chief Information Security Officers are here to help you paint the digital picture using whatever colors and skills you have at hand. This event is not a webinar; it's a dynamic discussion fed by your questions and concerns that depends upon your active participation.

We will be recording the sessions in order to share the content with the larger community of practice and for those who are unable to attend the live session due to geographical distance or calendar conflicts. This means that you should avoid sharing any MNPI (Material Non-Public Information) but definitely bring real questions to the discussion!


Virtual (Zoom Video Conferencing)


vCISO Office Hours: Kind of Blue


Event Discussion Topics

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